About Me

I have always been an avid reader, and this blog was created to share my personal thoughts about books with friends and family. Along the Way quickly developed into so much more as awesome authors and publishers were discovered.

I still love to read, but my choices are more selective now.  Over the years I have loved hard and I have lost much, and I strive to count my blessings more than my problems. I truly believe that reading is one of the the best ways to focus on the best parts of life. Sometimes we need something inspirational, sometimes funny, and sometimes it's best to escape into another time and place. I am grateful for the opportunity provided by authors/publishers to share my thoughts and recommendations about the books that I read.

Personal update June 2017 - Due to a terminal illness in my immediate family, I had to make some drastic life changes for an extended length of time. Consequently, this blog has been sitting idle and was recently reactivated with excitement and also some anxiety.  Please be patient as I catch up with all the changes in this amazing world of book reviewing.

Thank you.

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